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AFG member of NRTO

Quality is key in training. How is the quality of training determined? Quality marks are important in this. That is why AFG joined the NRTO.

AFG has been an official member of NRTO, the Dutch Council for Training and Education, since 24 May. This means that we, as a trainer, must meet the quality requirements set by an external certification body.

The NRTO quality mark is a sign of quality and professionalism in the training market. It gives consumers and companies certainty when choosing a training institute, training agency, EVC provider or exam provider, according to the website of the NRTO.

What must a training organization meet in order to win this quality mark? An NRTO member:

  • Is transparent about his product or service.
  • Is clear about the learning outcomes of education and training.
  • Measure customer satisfaction.
  • Fulfills agreements made.
  • Use expert teachers, trainers and advisors.
  • Invests in the expertise of its staff.
  • Has its processes in order.
  • Strives for continuous improvement.

This list can also be found on the NRTO website.

AFG strives for the highest attainable; You can find this in our courses and in everything around it. This quality mark is an example of this.

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