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Military Command & Control ‘fundamentals’

You are told by your senior officer that you are going to do recon with your team. You are leaving in 48 hours. Together with your team, you start analyzing and planning the job, after which orders are given. Do you know what to do?

About the course

You have ambitions to soon become a commanding corporal, NCO, or officer. As a prospective NCO or officer, you’re eager to continue your development and learn how to issue orders and deliver other military briefings in a professional manner. In this two-day online training program, you will learn about various leadership styles in depth and the situations most appropriate to use them in. After this, you will understand and be able to deliver professional briefings to your team members. 

Our international team of instructors has a broad range of experiences and perspectives to share with you, allowing you to look at this topic not only through a Dutch lens, but from American and English viewpoints as well. They guide you remotely through the lessons and coach you to a higher level.


International team of instructors

We combine the knowledge of an international team of instructors and turn this into an up-to-date and challenging training program. Our instructors all have extensive experience in intense conflict zones. This important knowledge and experience is now available to you.


Individual customization

Everyone has a distinct learning need and has their own unique personal development path. What is your current position and where do you want to go within the military work environment. Our instructors have extensive experience and space to guide you on an individual basis.


Delivering professional military briefings

What formats are actually being used? And how are they used to ensure successful execution of a military plan? You often have to process a lot of information in a short period of time and then present it to your team in an organized way. After this training, you will understand how to do this effectively.

Who is this training designed for?

NATO Military

Starting officers

Starting NCOs

Course build up: what you’ll learn

Module 1 – Introduction to military leadership

  • You will learn the different types of leadership styles.
  • You learn when to use which leadership style.

Module 2 – Interactive explanation about OATDOEM, 5WH, ACCA

  • You will learn what OATDOEM is and how to apply it through examples.
  • You will learn what 5WH is and how to apply it through examples.
  • You will learn what ACCA is and how to apply it through examples.

Module 3 – Interactive explanation of issuing military orders – 5 paragraph order

  • You will learn which paragraphs are covered based on an actual example.
  • You understand exactly what does not belong in the order and can recognize the top 5 most common mistakes made.
  • A chance to practice along with the group and the experienced instructors.

Module 4 – OATDOEM, 5WH, ACCA self-practice and evaluation

  • By actively working with the new steps learned in the military decision-making process yourself. You will receive exercises tailored to your level and work through them.
  • You’ll receive immediate feedback from our instructors, so you’ll quickly be on the right track when it comes to making the right military analysis.

Module 5 – Introduction to presenting in front of a group in a military setting.

  • Not everyone is naturally comfortable speaking in front of a group. Thankfully, you can practice this. You will first receive practical tips from our communication expert and then you will work on this yourself.

Instructor: James Hypes

James served as a non-commissioned officer in the United States Marine Corps for 30 years. His 5 Combat Tours to Kuwait (First Gulf War), Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries provide a unique knowledge and experience building.

As a Recon Marine NCO, James has completed many training courses and has also given them himself. James is a mentor and experience expert in Combat Mindset, tactical and strategic communication and leadership

AFG certificate Military C2 – Fundamentals


Learn how to deliver decisive military briefings with confidence thanks to our experienced instructors. They will give you the best tips and tools based on real-world experience.  

What the training program entails:

AFG certificate, valid for 4 years

An introduction to the steps you have to take during the military decision-making process

You will learn how to communicate the assignment effectively by issuing military orders

Interactive exercises that enhance your skills as a military leader

Individual coaching by highly experienced instructors