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AFG provides various training courses to military personnel and police officers. Together, we work on educational renewal and increasing training capacity. We have several basic training courses that we can fully adapt to your needs. Find out how we can support your unit.


Increasing operational deployability is very important.
Challenges in terms of capacity and a rapidly changing society create this need.


In order to meet changing global needs and high operational pressure, there is a regular need to increase training capacity. By deploying fast and flexible training courses from AFG, you will increase your training capacity.


The need for educational renewal is greater than ever because the world is changing faster than ever. AFG has the most up-to-date knowledge because we deploy international experts, both military and civilian. This way, you are assured of an up-to-date training programme.


AFG supports your organisation by offering flexible and pragmatic and high-quality training at short notice. AFG has several years of experience in supporting the Dutch Ministry of Defence and Police units with various education and training programmes. AFG makes use of a pool of experts who are offered as independent instructional teams specifically for the duration of the course. This way, maximum support is offered in a flexible form.

Together on the frontline of educational renewal


What is the value of AFG for an Operational Unit? In short, a training programme that, through its high degree of flexibility and customisation, seamlessly fits in with high quality requirements and training needs. This creates:

  • Increased operational deployability by training participants in the required knowledge and skills. We can deliver the number of Certificates of Competence (BC codes) needed at short notice.
  • Increased training capacity. Because we work flexibly with a large group of experts, we can deliver the required training capacity at short notice.
  • Training innovation through the application of the latest global knowledge and expertise. We work on sustainable training improvement by transferring as much knowledge as possible and working closely with you.


Your organisation has certain quality requirements and conditions. We identify these and align our training programmes as closely as possible with these requirements and conditions. That is why we are a member of the NRTO & CRKBO, and our instructors have extensive experience within their field of expertise. This ensures an efficient and effective work process in which we make the best training plan together, and which is how we achieve the high-quality training courses we offer:


  • 13th Light Brigade (13 Lichte Brigade)
  • 43rd Mechanised Brigade (43 Gemechaniseerde Brigade)
  • 11th Airmobile Brigade (11 LuchtmobieleBrigade)
  • Netherlands Marine Corps (Korps Mariniers)
  • Ministry of Defence Diving School (De Defensie Duikschool, DOS)
  • Marine Training Institute (Marinier Opleidingscentrum, MOC)
  • Royal Netherlands Marechaussee (KoninklijkeMarechaussee – HRB)
  • Ministry of Defence Medical Education and Training
  • Institute (Defensie Gezondheidszorg Opleidings- en Trainingscentrum, DGOTC)
  • Police Surveillance Unit (Bewakingseensheden Politie)
  • Police Support Group (Ondersteuningsgroepen Politie)
  • Safety Region Groningen


We are proud to share our results of all completed training courses over the past few years:


Success rate


Participant reviews


We work according to a standard procedure based on the Plan, Do, Check, Act model.
We start a collaboration by making an inventory of the needs. After this, we draw up a training programme that seamlessly fits in with the training of the internal instructor. The implementation takes place on location and/or in mission areas.

We evaluate and improve the training course through several pilots, and finally we transfer as much of the knowledge as possible to the Operational Unit and Instructor.

  Why AFG?

  • AFG have access to in-depth knowledge in the field of educating and training military and police officers. The powerful combination of military and civilian experts ensures the best learning experience for your personnel.
  • Training is offered on location and in mission areas, which gives us great flexibility and allows us to act quickly.
  • International team where both Dutch and foreign experts with a similar position (counterpart) optimally prepare participants for global practices.
  • Established in the Netherlands, looking after Dutch stakeholders, with knowledge of local laws and regulations, and protecting security-sensitive information.
  • NRTO and CRKBO quality certification.


“Onze opleidingsvraag is erg groot. Met de ondersteuning en inzet van AFG zijn wij in staat om hieraan te voldoen. Top!”

Kolonel J.C.A. Hulst

“Zeer snelle en adequate invulling van onze opleidingswensen, en binnen beoogde tijdslijnen haalden we ons benodigde aantal BC-codes.”

Kolonel M. Jacops

Ik vond het enorm interessant en leerzaam om oud-militairen uit zowel binnen- als buitenland, die veel ervaring hebben gehad binnen SF-eenheden en op missie zijn geweest les van te krijgen. Het heeft mij een enorme boost aan mijn motivatie gegeven om verder carrière te maken binnen Defensie als onderofficier. Dit alles geeft een goede combinatie tussen civiel en militair samenwerken. Leuk om gedaan te hebben!