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conduct military operations effectively in contemporary conflicts

With the growing complexities of contemporary conflicts & wars, and the increasing diversity of both local and global actors, there is a need for militaries to carefully consider ways in which actors’ behaviour is influenced. Recent wars have shown that the use of force alone will not guarantee success; yet equally, there is no benefit to winning ‘hearts and minds’ if behaviour does not change.

The question for militaries is how to integrate audience-centric and behaviour-oriented considerations into planning and decision making across the spectrum of lethal and non-lethal military effects.

The Information Operations Course is specifically designed to address this challenge and is already used by multiple NATO countries for years. The course enables military practitioners to understand and analyse military problems in behavioural terms, and develop effective plans that utilise the full range of military levers of influence; from Physical Destruction to Psychological Operations (PsyOps). The course teaches a human-domain centered tactical planning process called the Integrated Action Tool (IAT). Using a combination of classroom theory sessions and syndicate-level practical exercises the Information Operations Course takes participants through the IAT’s steps:


  1. Understanding military problems in audience-centric and behavioural terms – using a tool known as Problem Space Mapping;
  2. Understanding behavioural systems – by modeling the target behaviour’s sociocultural and psychological drivers;
  3. Design appropriate military activities – based on an understanding of NATO information related capabilities; and
  4. Assessing the effectiveness of these activities through Measures of Activities, Measures of Performance, Measures of Effectiveness and Measures of Success.

These practical course elements are structured around a real-world case-study with additional external speaker sessions and practical exercises focused on other contemporary conflicts (including Ukraine, Syria/Iraq).

Whilst incorporating key aspects of JDP 3.10 (Information Operations), the course is not solely designed for IO specialists, but rather is designed to benefit any personnel with command or planning responsibilities at the tactical or staff level.


Some course feedback:

“Interesting, challenging and professional”

“Interactive, insightful, realistic and very usefull”

“Valuable new insights”

“Fantastic information operation insides from the Ukrainian front”


Please refer to chapter 3 “Information” in our latest catalogue, to explore the range of training courses we provide on this particular subject.