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Military Command & Control ‘Expert’

You are told by your senior officer that you are going to do recon with your team. You are leaving in 48 hours. Together with your team, you start analyzing and planning the job, after which orders are given. Do you know what to do?

About the course

This program trains future leaders to become Group Commanders or (Deputy GCs) in three weeks. After completing this military leadership training, the participant will have expanded their knowledge and skills on how to effectively lead a military team. The participant knows what their role is within this process and how to best support the group commander and possibly take over their role in decision-making processes in their absence. Participants are given theoretical and appropriate tools for this purpose and receive regular feedback from instructors on how they communicate and present. Ideal for people with leadership ambitions.


International team of instructors

We combine the knowledge of an international team of instructors and turn this into an up-to-date and challenging training program. Our instructors all have extensive experience in intense conflict zones. This important knowledge and experience is now available to you.


Clear communication

The fact is that you must be able to get your message across to a group in a clear and unambiguous way. It doesn’t matter if this involves 8 or 30 people, you must have the confidence to stand in front of a group. Practice, practice, practice: that’s the secret! Now you get the chance to practice with the best communication instructors in the world. You will get a little better every day in a neutral, safe learning environment at AFG.


Available now

No long waits or strict experience requirements Effective leadership of a group of service members is now available to all. Twice a year, there is a training program where you are immediately taught the intricacies of the trade. This enables you to be well prepared for the conflicts of the future and get off to a flying start as a future NCO or officer.

Who is this training designed for?

NATO Military with leadership ambitions

Course build up: what you’ll learn

Module 1 – Command

  • 5W-H model: translating platoon command into a group command
  • Giving group orders
  • Group command support through a model

Module 2 – Leadership

  • Theoretical and practical knowledge about leadership styles
  • Displaying exemplary behavior within a group, under different circumstances, and with higher degrees of skills
  • Recognize undesirable behavior within the group and act accordingly.

Module 3 – Instructional competency

  • Present confidently in front of a group by mastering good performance and instructional techniques. 
  • Giving instructions to group using mastered techniques such as adopting different presentation styles

Module 4 – Mastering military skills

  • Theoretical and practical knowledge of group-level combat techniques and application in practice

Instructor: James Hypes

James served as a non-commissioned officer in the United States Marine Corps for 30 years. His 5 Combat Tours to Kuwait (First Gulf War), Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries provide a unique knowledge and experience building.

As a Recon Marine NCO, James has completed many training courses and has also given them himself. James is a mentor and experience expert in Combat Mindset, tactical and strategic communication and leadership

AFG certificate Military C2 – Expert

Learn how to deliver decisive military briefings with confidence thanks to our experienced instructors. They will give you the best tips and tools based on real-world experience. 

What the training program entails:

AFG certificate, valid for 4 years

The exact steps you have to take during the military decision-making process

How to communicate the assignment effectively when issuing orders

How to provide your senior officer with clear primary and secondary feedback

How to deliver military briefings, with help from the best tips from the professional field

Practical guidance and support from highly experienced instructors