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Medical Training 13 Light Brigade

In 4 weeks 24 Wound Helpers for 13 Light Brigade. Read everything about this training and the results in our portfolio.

A number of training programs have already been described in the AFG portfolio. For example, read more about how AFG provided medical training for 13 Light Brigade. With this a small sneak preview!


“For our soldiers, a deployment was planned in the short term and more wounded helpers were needed to send the unit well prepared for mission. We were looking for an external trainer who could prepare our soldiers to act effectively as tactical medical first responder during risky circumstances. The level had to meet the assessment criteria of our internal trainer, the Defense Healthcare Training and Training Center (DGOTC). ” With this request, 13 Light Brigade came into contact with AFG.


The Defense Healthcare Training and Training Center (DGOTC) was looking for additional training capacity for the injured Helper training.

[… shortened. Read the entire case in our portfolio].

DGOTC started their search for an external trainer to provide this military function training. It is essential to understand the military context, the use of innovative educational techniques and the input of additional new and relevant knowledge.


In the inventory phase, AFG, in collaboration with 13 Light Brigade and DGOTC, the end customer and internal trainer, drew up a written training plan and further coordinated it with the curriculum offered by DGOTC. After this coordination, in collaboration with the internal trainer of Defense, the training program was made with clear training objectives. AFG appointed a balanced team of specialists consisting of:

[… shortened. Read the entire case in our portfolio].

In 20 days the students were coached, coached, taught and challenged to successfully pass the aptitude test. The training was conducted both in the Netherlands and in the Lithuanian mission area.


After completing 2 courses with both 12 participants, a success rate of 100% has been achieved. The participants rated the course on average with a 8.8. 24 wounded helpers increased the operational deployment of 13 Light Brigade and they received an officially recognized Competence Certificate, better known as BC codes. The certificates were issued by DGOTC in collaboration with AFG for the new Wound Helpers of 13 Light Brigade of the Royal Netherlands Army. An excellent example of the adaptive Dutch armed forces.

Want to know more about the team of specialists, the training and the results?